Exploring Human Proxemics
(28 minutes)


QUESTION: Every culture has rules about the CORRECT use of space. The "proxemic" rules are unwritten and never taught-- but they are very powerful and known to all members of the culture. In the video PERSONAL SPACE: EXPLORING HUMAN PROXEMICS, we see a woman's reactions as her personal space is invaded by three other people. What will happen?

a. She will ask them to sit somewhere else

b. She will stare at the space "invaders" defiantly, but she will not move

c. She will leave, saying nothing to the three people who invaded her personal space













In American culture, personal space affects EVERYTHING -- even bathroom behavior among strangers. The chart shows six urinals in a men's bathroom, with men already standing at urinal 2 and 4. The man points at the "correct" space, urinal 6 -- this is the one the third arrival in the bathrooom SHOULD take. Which space will NEVER be used by the third arrival?

a. Urinal 1

b. Urinal 3

c. Urinal 5