(40 minutes)

Interpersonal Perception Task-15
(20 minutes)

The two remaining videos in the series ("The Interpersonal Perception Task," or IPT, and the IPT-15) are "self-tests" that give viewers a chance to interpret verbal and nonverbal behaviors. There is an objectively correct answer for each of the inferences tested, and viewers can see how accurate their own inferences are. For example, one IPT scene shows two people who have just played basketball, and viewers can try to guess who won the game. Another IPT scene shows a person talking on the phone, and viewers try to guess whether she is talking with a man or a woman.

Basketball Players Picture

QUESTION: Who won the game of one-on-one basketball?

a. The man on the left
b. The man on the right

Phone Call

QUESTION: Who is the woman talking to on the telephone?

a. Her mother
b. A female friend she has known for many years
c. A male friend she has known for many years