Emotions, Identities and Masks
(31 minutes)

Airline Stewardess Picture

QUESTION: In this picture, an experienced flight attendant demonstrates a facial expression she uses at work. Is she performing genuine warmth, or is it concealed irritation?

a. Genuine Warmth
b. Concealed Irritation

The face is one of the most powerful channels of nonverbal communication. This video explores the large number of messages and cues that can be 'read' from this powerful channel of human communication. Topics include the difference between true emotions and acted emotions; how the face serves as an important 'identity document;' how pupil size affects attractiveness; facial cues that police departments use for detecting drug or substance abuse; dynamic changes in the face as it ages; plastic surgery and other modifications of the face to enhance its attractiveness; cultural differences in beauty standards; the significance of changes in hair length and style; and important mythology about the face over the centuries.